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Keesler AFB FamCamp
(Updated: March 30, 2013)
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Feb 26, 2013

We found an attendant sitting behind the desk with his feet up on the table. We visited for more than 30 minutes with the attendant Joe, and a co-worker. He didn’t move the entire time we visited. Not that impressed with the help or the park. Joe told us they had only one site and it was intended for a small 28 ft trailer or less available. He had no idea when there would be an opening. He pointed us in the direction of the overflow for the night but after driving through the park we chose to go onto the Shield RV Park for the week. The park is well used and run down and has several homestead occupants. We found one unit with rusted wheels and body that looked as if hadn’t moved in years. According to one of the fellow RV’rs the occupant had not moved in over 7 years. Wow what an operation. The park is not intended for large units as it has several concrete back-ends with 2 ft or more drops off. We found this park very difficult to park our 34 ft Allegro. This park is run down and needs a facelift of buildings, park facilities, and a general weeding of homestead occupants and employees. This unprofessional operation is a site to behold. If you desire trees, and crowded sites packed together on concrete pads with 2 ft drop offs, enjoy. Price might be inviting but the amenities are far less than expected for an Air Force Base operation.

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