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Mississippi 84474
16 Dec 2015 - 12 Mar 2016
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We didn't have a bad stay and would go back.  HOWEVER, there are limitations to the place.  I love the Gulfport/Biloxi area. There is lots to see and do there especially if you are a casino lover; there are several within a 20 mile radius.  We found southern hospitality, both on and off the bases (NCBC & Keesler AFB) to be truly endearing and memorable.  For us Yankees our first Mardi Gras was a real hoot!  Great food and the beautiful Gulf.  It was decent to walk the dogs around the perimeter of the park and the dog park on the other side of the base was nice.  Both of the bases have decent Exchanges and commissaries as well as the usual Thrift Shop, Auto Hobby Shop, gas station, etc.  The limitations of life at Shields RV Park are the (afore-mentioned) Warden and the lack of organized activities for the campers. The staff did make attempts; Christmas and Super Bowl Parties, but for the most part you are pretty much on your own.  Campers were trying to gin up activities like going out for Taco Tuesday, an occasional breakfast, etc. And when the weather cleared folks were out and about more and friendships were formed. Camper Max will gladly help you repair things and his dog Boo is always friendly.  It would just be a better place if there were more organization and group activities.  As for The Warden: There is a real problem w/ customer service there.  We usually got the feeling that we were bothering her if we had to go to the office for something... anything!  At times it seemed like the whole park was her personal giant-sized chess board.  She sure did a whole lot of moving units around; SEVERAL people we met were required to move to a different site at some time or other during their stay.  It's bad enough having to move a motorhome, but a major pain to do it with a 5er or a TT.  Two couples we know ended up being in at least three different sites during their stay and in one case the site they had to vacate sat empty for four days before another unit moved into it.  The other side of the coin for the staff is Edward.  He's wonderful, helpful, efficient, caring, and lots of fun.  There is a new (additional) RV park being added on the back side of the base near SeaBee Lake, it's probably now open and in use by the time this is being written.  It's a beautiful facility and seems like it'll be nice.  I'm not sure why, unless it was because of space limitations, but none of the sites are pull-throough.  That's workable, but why, oh why build a brand new site and not put in wifi and TV Cable???  Dumb!   Storms... yeah, a couple were forecast and every time we were very firmly informed that the shelter for the park is the showers. AND then informed that dogs were not allowed in the shelter.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  There is NO WAY anyone in that park was going to leave their animals in the RV and go to a shelter without them.  Ain't gunna' happen!  The prevalent sentiment of all we spoke with was, "My animals are going with me and she can kiss my ***."  Hey Shields staff:  We were staying at the camp on Maxwell AFE when a tornado was spotted.  The base police came out and escorted all campers to the shelter and everybody's dogs were certainly welcome. Get with the program!
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