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July 8, 2015

I really hate it when I have to do a poor review of a campground, but someone has to say this. What in the world is Fallon thinking? $30.00 for a concrete parking lot with zero trees, a pay laundry, and it's a base with nothing for your kids to do, there isn't even a car wash on base. It's out in the middle of the Nevada desert. We stayed at Nellis in Las Vegas for $18.00, Lemoore NAS for $24,00, Travis AFB for $20.00, Beale AFB for $18.00, the desert rose, 30 miles west of fallon, (read the reviews), one of the very finest r.v. parks in the country, let alone Nevada, is only $25.00. Why do I think this has everything to do with MWR? The Air Force takes care of their own facilities, not MWR I have been told. I'm retired Navy and this was my very last time at any Navy base. From now on its Air Force bases. I have yet to have a bad thing to say about them. Sorry, but honesty is honesty, oh yeah, they have a first class movie theater. Getting on base takes an act of congress with the new "high security" gates, something most bases still resist. I wonder if Fallon has sold their r.v. park to KOA?? That would explain everything.

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stanbnv Written by stanbnv
July 13, 2015
Have to agree with cmawest. We live in Fallon and go to the base for commissary and Exchange. They closed the Galley a couple of years ago and everyone eats at the "O" club. We stayed there for a month when we quit fulltiming back in 2009 and were looking for a place to settle back down. It was cheaper then but everything else you noted was the same. If anyone asked me I would direst them to the fairgrounds although there is lots of horsey stuff going on and it fills up with the fancy horse trailer/RVs on many weekends. The Fallon RV park west of town a couple of miles is OK and lots of people stay at the Bonanza Casino/Super 8 as they have RV hookups for $15.00 per night too.
1 results - showing 1 - 1