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Nevada 150962
Mar 3 - Apr 3, 2018
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What a crack operation the Air Force has in this gem. The FamCamp recently opened up their new facilities allowing more of us to enjoy this RV park at a time. Cleanliness, friendliness, pet-friendly facilities, this camp has it all. And if you love jet noise you have hit the jackpot!!!!! I did not know this was home-base for the Thunderbirds. So we get treated to practices on a regular basis along with the other aircraft doing their training. Peaceful and quiet (when the aircraft are not airborne) the place is over-run with old retired farts! I'll bet half of them get woke up when taps comes over the base PA :) We stayed in the new section and for those who have been here and stayed in the original camp the new section is quite different. The old section has LARGE spaces with trees offering a modicum of privacy, not so for the new section. While the new section more resembles an RV sales lot with units shoulder to shoulder, when all spaces are occupied, you have enough room to be comfortable. Don't get me wrong, the new section is nice. Just don't compare it to the original spaces which are right beside the new section. All spaces have a nice level pad and the utilities were well placed and spaced apart. While each space has a sapling it will be several years before they begin to offer anything that even remotely provides shade, so summertime might get quite hot. If our travels ever bring us here again we will gladly stay.
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