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(Updated: October 03, 2012)
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Sep 26 - Oct 6 2012

Staff at lodge and campground maintenance guy are very friendly and helpful. CG is extremely spacious, quite clean with gravel roads and concrete RV pads, but no wifi or cable and overpriced at $25 per night. There's more than 12 spaces available and they are adding cabins & removing rental trailers. Wild turkeys and deer roam around freely, and the CG is near hiking & bicycling trails. Ft. Drum is very spread out, and there's no PX or Shoppette nearby, but you also are a bit removed from day to day troop movements & etc. (Not a bad thing.) There's a some things to do nearby and a great wine tour out of Watertown as well. We'd only be staying a day or so if we were traveling, but we're spending a 10 days to visit my son, so we've done just about everything there is to do! I've been told the Thousand Islands way to and from Canada is one of the less traveled, so some prefer it over anything east or west. We went to Kingston, ON for a day-trip and spent way less than an hour getting through customs each way. Another note - they told us they close the CG when the weather freezes, not on a set date. This year that may be in January!)

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