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North Carolina 111990
May 2015
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We came here from Myrtle Beach and the ferry was amazing! I highly recommend the ferry if your coming from the south. Be advised the instructions to get to RV park are incorrect here. There is no sign that says where the "reception center" is, once you enter the base there is a sign that says "tent camping go right" and "recreation center left" I went to to recreation center thinking that was the office, HUGE MISTAKE!! The road is very narrow and comes to a dead end at a dumpster, there's no place to turn around so we had to disconnect our car which was a huge hassle in a tight space. What you need to do is turn RIGHT going toward "tent camping" the reception center is on the right side and you need to park in the large parking area to check in, then after check in you go back out and RV park is near the mobile homes near the entrance. RV park is kinda small but sites are large, only back ins. The reception center has a very nice souvenir store with a Starbucks coffee too. I think the $25/night with no weekly rate is kinda high though.
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May 12, 2015
Update: i was incorrect about the sign, on the large sign board at the very top it says "reception center" with an arrow pointing right. I did not see the top of the large sign board because it's under a tree and the branches were blocking the sign, I saw this before we left and the maintenance was trimming the low hanging branches and there was ALOT of road construction going on during my stay in early May 2015.
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