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June 23 - August 12, 2017

To whom it may concern, In 2016 my husband and I stayed at Wright – Patterson AFB FamCamp. The grounds were clean, we had a nice spot and the folks were real nice. As we are full-time RVers and retired military we have had the opportunity to stay in many FamCamps. As Air Force camp grounds go it was as good as any other so we came back for our 2017 journeys. We checked in on June 23rd and stayed until August 12th. This year was noticeably difference not only from the prior year visit but FamCamps overall. When I called to make my reservation, I was nicely greeted by Vickie who spent a good amount of time on the phone with me to accommodate our needs and though a full hookup was not available at the time she assured me the “dry” camping area would meet our needs for a few days. We arrived and immediately noticed how much different it looked; Vickie and Larry met us upon arrival and showed us where to park (loved the personal touch), the grounds were cleaner, neater, and mowed, we saw a bounce house for the little kids and there was an overall sense of “we are happy to be here”. Over the two weeks we enjoyed the stay. On July 4th, there was a super celebration planned with all the fixin’s. Vickie and Larry worked real hard to see that everybody had a great time! It was clear that they both took great pride in the celebration and all the preparations. After that our plans changed dramatically and we needed to stay longer. While there was some moving around involved for us to do that it was really not a bad thing because it allowed us to meet more people in the camp grounds. All along Vickie and Larry along with Nick and Brooke were constantly cleaning and mowing and painting. Vickie was always present; checking on people, meeting needs and always making sure all was as it should be. Her constant visibility and availability to each of us was I assure you, not the norm as camp grounds go. Most camp host are content to stay in the cool of the office. Because of Vickie and Larry, we will be back to Wright – Patterson AFB FamCamp. We really appreciated their personal touches and attention to ALL the details. Additionally, we have a monthly newsletter and have advised many that this FamCamp was a cut above! Sincerely, Mark and Holly Shaw On the Go Mission Ministries 903-530-3955/4055 

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harrylouise Written by harrylouise
August 07, 2017
OTG Spartan, It was refreshing to read your review. Too often, we have the tendency to bring out only negative things because they are the most obvious to notice and easiest to communicate. Please do not make the mistake by thinking that I do not want those [negative] issues brought to the forefront. They need to be identified and presented in such a manner that it provides credence to the complainant and the issues. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that reviews that reek with name-calling and lack clarity are written with emotions, diminished objectivity and become self-defeating. Conversely, your review presented a very positive, well-deserved, and complimentary recognition of a MCG, along with staff, for an all-around experience that met (exceeded?) your expectations. Perhaps you inadvertently put something out there as a challenge to other MCG’s – show me an equal or better experience, I know you can do it. Semper Fi
fitz Written by fitz
August 20, 2017
Spartan. I totally agree. I had a reservation for a week, and found I was going to arrive a day early. Vicki got me a spot. When I arrived, I decided to try for another week. She made it work so I only had to change places once for that 2 week period. Vicki and Larry are great. It is not unusual to find them cleaning the bathrooms/showers (yuck) at 9pm, after most people have finished using them for the day. Grounds are well kept, and if you have a question, just ask and it will be addressed. I have talked to many people here, and have not had one negative comment. If I am in the Ohio area, I will definitely be back again. Probably the best famcamp I have stayed in. Fitz
2 results - showing 1 - 2