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10-28 June 2012
(Updated: November 13, 2015)
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Stayed here as we moved to Fort Jackson for my new assignment while we waited on permanent housing. Was a little confused about the process of checking in, but after calling as we drove in went straight to the sites, found one we liked, parked, and then went to the office to check in. Very courteous staff. New sites are concrete pads with lighted power posts, old sites are asphalt that are better suited for a smaller camper. We lived out there for 2+ weeks while I in-processed and took over my new job until our on-post house was ready and we received our household goods. We kept the camper a few extra days out there for family to stay who visited for a couple of days. Not having a laundry facility was a pain; we found one on post, but later saw one closer to the campsite on Leesburg Road. Lots for the kids to do around the lake with bicycling and a few playgrounds. We never got the time to fish, but the staff was knowledgeable about what was biting (not much!) and with what bait. This was mainly a place to hang out and sleep while we explored our new community. Other members of our family have used the cabins when visiting and enjoyed them even though about 20 minutes from our house to the campground. We will probably not stay out there while living here (would rather take the camper elsewhere) but would recommend to anyone passing through or visiting the Columbia area.
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