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July 2013
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Stayed July 2013. Locating the park is a little difficult due to one obscure roadside sign which is not easily noticeable during the day and ever worse at night due to poor lighting. Entry roads are rough and dilapidated. Access to park is off the beaten track. Currently, soldiers have to leave the post and drive around the perimeter of the Fort to gain access, I highly recommend an additional access road be developed from the current fire roads to accommodate the soldiers. This is for the soldiers ...RIGHT? The park personnel are very professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. Park grounds are very well maintained. The campsites and cabins are reasonably close to the water and the community house, but the office and general store are a short drive or long walk away from both cabins and campgrounds. Adding a laundry facility would be a plus. This park seems to be always under improvement every time I pass through here. I hate to let the secret out, but this is a great park for it's size. Wish they would expand to wooded areas and more around the lake.
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