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South Carolina 116010
June 2017
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Well, the last review posted on how nice [the hosts] are. Yes they are nice to you, but they are very vindictive. [They] should be in heaven since her husband is active duty collecting housing allowance living in Famcamp for well over a year. Now that they are host they stay for free, and get additional benefits. I'm still trying to figure out why AFI's are not being followed? ODR lets the host do whatever they want, according to [name deleted] who was the last host. [He] was the type of person who feels that unless your rig is 45 foot and over 250 thousand you were not up to his standards. There is no set rules there, they Chang them daily. I have seen other active duty personal turned away, I have seen other campers not being allowed in because of an oil leak. I have seen untaged campers parked there for years. It's is what it is. [Editor edits are in brackets]
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June 29, 2017
Wow! Sounds like you were there for a long time to have witnessed all of that. You stated that you have "seen untagged campers parked there for years". Are you confusing the RV Famcamp with the recreation storage? Is this the only military campground you have used? I see you have only contributed one entry and that was to basically "slam" the campground host. It sounds to me like your association with the Famcamp extends beyond that of a recreational traveler.
August 01, 2017
I have been camping at ave for a long time. The first one I ever camped at was at Myrtle Beach AFB, and many in between. The one thing I can not stand is for people to think that they are own a facility. I retired from the military and earned the right to use any facility I would like to. When people act like they the place is there's, I have a problem with that.
2 results - showing 1 - 2