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South Carolina 116189
July 14, 2017
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This FAMCAMP is probably the best campsite in the military system. My wife and I have had the pleasure of Camp Hosting for two seasons. It was a pleasure serving our active duty and retirees. The camp is soon to have seven new sites added and the overflow will be upgraded to full service hook ups bringing up to fifty full hook up sites. Long term sites are no longer available and all sites are on a first come first serve fourteen day stays. If site is available at the fourteenth day an extension for another fourteen days is accommodated. Camp Hosting here is great. If you are interested in camp hosting at this site drop off a resume at the Outdoor Recreation Office or email via their website; For more info log into Facebook below; 
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July 30, 2017
You might want to explain to everyone that you and your wife was the host that ran the other host out of town, as mentioned in previous post. You might also want to add the truth about what is expected on hosting there. As the term "long term" sites are no long available, which just means moving every 14 days, and paying more. The truth of it is, it is a nice place to stay, but when host acts like they own the place it make people feel uncomfortable. There is no approved OI's , and rules change all the time.
August 01, 2017
Don't know who you are but for sure you are one bitter person. You have been the only person in the past year with negative comments. Nothing that you write has any truth to it. I feel sorry for you.
August 02, 2017
Just need to clear up a few things. First what jmann said about the camp host being run off was very true. It was your wife's behavior and actions that caused them to leave. Standing in a camp site screaming and yelling at people is not an adult way to act. Never listening to what someone has to say is very rude. Which you had to tell her to let you speak many time before. You both know this. Maybe you need to rethink how bitter jmann is and look at yourselves. Sorry this had to be said but the truth is the truth and needs to be told. Notice your reviews are only from the end of April forward after other camp host got good reviews! Hummmm!
August 08, 2017
Oh, I know who you are and we talked plenty of times. Bob and Gwen Diamond "trained " on how to take control of Famcamp.
Even the director called Bob names a few names about wanting to control everything in Famcamp. It's ironic on how the host here would do all this work for just a free spot. To much cash has been passed around, just saying. So why is it that after Bob and Gwen departed you talked so bad about about them? When there is no reservations taken, I have seen you block spots for your friends? When asked about what is going on and why things have changed you always blame it on the director. More then one time I have heard you comment on how bad the director runs the place. Tell me it's not he truth.
August 13, 2017
1. It is very inconsistent and misleading to tell people you two have been very pleased to serve active duty for the last two years. While you know you and your wife put active duty-aged people through a question gauntlet to screen out any active duty from JB Charleston or Naval Weapons Station before they registered at the Famcamp.
2. You are not the ORC director and have no status nor authority to place an announcement for open job position (including volunteers).
These things should be conducted by the ORC director if he/she is doing their job.
August 13, 2017
In reply to an earlier comment

JMann you are absolutely right.
There was a comment by the other hosts to Connie and she yelled and screamed at them. The disturbance was obvious in the campground and soon afterwards the other hosts hitched up and left.
6 results - showing 1 - 6