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Laughlin AFB FamCamp Featured New
Texas 52225
Jan 2011-March 1 2011
(Updated: December 19, 2011)
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I really enjoyed my stay here. Commissary was super, well stocked for such a small facility, however aafes needs to wake up and smell the coffee, or a lack of. Eating establishments on base rank somewhere between 5 and 0 on a scale of 1 to 10. it's not the quality of the food so much as it is a place to find it. The laundry facility went on the blink for some unknown reason while i was there and it seemed that no one was in a earth shattering mood to fix it. Laundry mats in del rio suck. I would gladly pay to do laundry in a aafes laundry facility if one were provided, at least most of them are clean and the machines are kept in a operating condition. I have never met up face to face with a rattle snake, but i am nearly certain some of them are probably friendlier then the camp host, the staff at the outdoor rec office, and the staff at the auto craft shop.
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