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Texas 56337
July 2013
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Visited my wife who PCSd there in June. Easy to get to off the highway - just turn into the base and go straight. Being in this part of the country one expects barren land and spartan conditions. This FamCamp has more than most FamCamps or RV parks in the military and was a nice surprise considering the location (in the middle of no-where Texas)! It was clean, the camp host were pleasant and those who were there were very friendly. There are a few folks who stay at the FamCamp who are stationed there but not too many. Besides, sometimes with split families such as ours (one PCSd and the other at home) it is a nice and proper way to live. Wished my wife took the RV and lived there instead of paying 2 places to live. Those who complain about "long-termers" might need to reconsider their harsh comments. You get what you pay for and as far as I'm concerned, the military camps are the cheapest for the price with a good value. I have no problem with "long-termers" at the military campground as long as they are keeping the place clean and there are at least 50% of the spaces open for visitors. Hey, it's a money maker for MWR, just keep the spaces clean and not have any porches built with Pink Flamingos in the yard.
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