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Utah 106513
15 Jul 2012
(Updated: July 15, 2012)
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Only one big complaint regarding our stay. The baths/laundry room are being rebuilt. We don't use them anyway. However, when the site next to ours was vacated, campers (6 so far) started using it as the dump station which has no problems according to the camp host. The dump station is on a curve and the camp host thought that it may be dangerous, but the speed limit is 10 mph and if a dumping rig blocks the road it only takes a few minutes or you can take another road. Told the host that the site needed to be sanitized before renting it again and he did. We saw lots of water on the pad of what kind who knows and black water tank blasters were connected to the site's faucet which has a splitter which was for our site. Saw one person touch the faucet outlet with their sewer hose. One always needs to sanitize their faucet; who knows what the previous occupant(s) did. There are some RVers who don't know sanitary practices or don't care about the next camper. With the remodel of the bathrooms, a new, better located dump station should be installed.
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April 08, 2013
I too have had this wonderful experence. I have brown pics of the mess that was left (too graphic to leave).
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