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Utah 106694
Aug 2012 thru April 2013
(Updated: April 06, 2013)
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The Manager Howard is worthless in many ways. Let me list them for you. 1. the price is 600 dollars a month, why? the place is not worth it when you can go 5 to 10 minutes down the road pay 436 and get more for less. 2. The restrooms are never cleaned unless you complain to the Support SQ commander and then it was done once with the promise to make sure it be done from now own. 3. long term camper are put in rocks while short term people are allowed to use the concert pads, please some explain that one to me other places do it the other way. 4. no internet, well ok let me explain it has crappy internet that the manager steals for himself when he wants that if you not close enough to the building you do not get a signal, while other places you get outstanding free wifi. 5. the manager use's a government vehicle to personal use and gain and nothing is done about it, and yes there are pics of it. the sad part it was a snow plow that HOWARD used while it was snowing outside to go to breakfast for 4 hours instead of cleaning the roads in the famcamp while there 6 inches of snow on the road. 6. If you piss off Howard or he does not like you, he stalks you harass you until you leave or he forces you out of the famcamp. 7. Steve, Howards boss will not do not anything at outdoor rec. to help you only try to bury you and agree with Howard and force you out the famcamp. 8. there is no HOST and Howard is never at work during the sad hours he does keep and he gets paid for this which should make you mad in the first place. 9. Howard loves to use a snow plow to move dirt around which in my eyes is abuse of government equipment. 10. In all honesty stay some place else do not stay there it not worth it. For the price they charge compare to other places and the way they treat you like crap and make you feel like you should feel like you be lucky to even stay their.
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April 08, 2013
Long term campers are forced to sign a contract in order to stay in the camp. Wake up people and read the contract before signing it. 7 spots for long term use, you can be asked to leave at anytime if the reservations come in (you will get a 7 day warning true), and you will be charged around 16 dollars a day but you will be refunded 10 dollars a day. So in exchange for commiting to stay at the camp long term you may be asked to leave at anytime that camping picks up.
(early estamates are mid May
August 22, 2013
Quite honestly, I don't understand why long-term camping is allowed when it's against the regs. These campgrounds are part of MWR, not Housing as one reviewer mentioned. Homesteaders are taking away vacation spots from people who are also authorized to use these camps and it's not fair. If the regulations state no longer than 14 days, why are homesteaders complaining about getting something they're not supposed to get in the first place? I wish I had the ability to expose all of this and have something done to stop the homesteading.
December 03, 2013
Quite honestly you sound like someone who works for outdoor rec. As for me I was out as of April and I have never been happier. The place down the road 1399 W 2100 S is the reasion.
January 30, 2015
In reply to an earlier comment

Still down the street and HAPPY. Take that outdoor Rec. Let me do the Math for a second...
That's over 14000 of business that I have taken down the road. No wait thats right my neighbor next to me left at the same time I did so that 28000.
4 results - showing 1 - 4