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20 - 21 May 2014
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Our first visit to this location. Overall it was good. When coming on post in your RV follow the directions, they work. When approaching the gate, it splits for auto/commercial and truck. We used the commercial lane as it was not clear which gate an RV or bus should use. The security guard informed us that we should have used the other one, but it was better to use this one as it is wider. He checked our ID and directed us to the RV sites. They are only 1/2 mile from the gate, on the left. It is located just beyond the RV/boat storage areas. Our check-in consisted of calling the same number we made reservations at. Our check-out was the same. We pulled in, picked a site and made the call. No problems. There is a very small shoppette with snack items and alcohol. There is a gas station on base. There are fire pits and extinguishers on site for grilling. Your grill must be inspected before use, so don't plan on using it. No sewer hookups but a dump station is close by. The sites were deep gravel which is not level, so you will want to use some jack pads. There are no facilities, but we knew that. It makes a great place visit the Richmond area. They do have a gym, which we did not use. The base becomes a ghost town after duty hours.
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