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September 30. 2015

A bad experience. Make no mistake this is a nice campground albeit expensive at $30 a night. However, I just had a disturbing experience that has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. When we left home for Cheatham the forecast was for wet weather but not too bad and Hurricane Joaquin was going to stay well out to sea. The night we arrived things changed dramatically. Rainfall was now predicted to be 6 to 9 inches with severe flooding and Hurricane Joaquin was now predicted to pass directly over Tidewater and head up the Chesapeake Bay to DC as a Cat 1 or 2 storm. So we left early to prepare our home for heavy weather. I knew Cheatham (CAX) would not do a refund for early departure but I fully expected they would at least credit us with 4 days at some future date due to the circumstances under which we had to leave early. NOT SO! If you leave early you are stuck for the entire tab no matter what the reason! Keep in mind this is the off season and campers are sparse. I left a voice mail for the office supervisor to confirm this unwelcome news. Needless to say there was no return call. My advice: if there is the slightest chance that you may experience an emergency during your stay whether it is a death in the family, illness, earthquake, tornado or Hurricane you will receive no consideration from MWR management. I recommend staying at a commercial campground. So thanks CAX please spend my $120 wisely.

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Larry25 Written by Larry25
February 22, 2016
So the the RV camp caused the bad weather?
March 05, 2016
Virginia Yank, I don't know whether or not you plan on returning to Cheatham and King's Creek, but if you do let the person who is registering you know about your forfeiture of the $120.00. They may be able to refund most of it back to you or credit three days back to you when you call in to register for your next stay. No promises, but take this as a possible action that may benefit you on your next stay.
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mouldingmf Written by mouldingmf
April 18, 2016
Your suggestion is noteworthy but why wouldn't they have refunded the difference in the first place when a critical situation came up and didn't, but may offer it the second time? Confusing logic..
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April 17, 2017
I would venture to say it was because the person at the desk didn't think about the entire situation. I mentioned to the second person when I registered there again about only having to forfeit $30.00 upon cancelation within the time period that equals one day. The kids do not necessarily look at the big picture. Of the three days that I left early I only needed to forfeit one of them in cost of the stay. I was credited two days back instead of three. I did explain my reasoning and the next person agreed. I am under the impression that the staff was reminded of the forfeiture policy.
4 results - showing 1 - 4