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Kings Creek RV Campground
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May 16 to May 21, 2016

As always, love coming here and found everything to be above reproach. The Staff are courteous and friendly. I for the most part did not have to use the restrooms, but did have the occasion to enter one of them and found them to be very clean. There is now a digital lock on the doors to them. This added security made it more comfortable to use. Nothing wrong prior to the locks being added, but a woman did tell me she liked the added security. Makes sense since all the mess going on around USA in regards to men having access to women's restrooms. I took to the use of one of the hiking trails close to the Dumpsters. It is not on their facility maps. I took if for the exercise. Unless you like challenges don't take it. The trail ended on one of the gravel roads next to Queen's Creek. I still had a couple of miles to get back to the paved roads. Not bad, but I will do the trail again the next time I'm staying there. There were benches placed every so often on the trail. My Walk Fit indicated I took 26,753 steps to complete the trail. Kings Creek RV Campground is still the Best kept secret in the U.S. Navy. 

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