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Alabama 95227
September 21, 2007
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We didn't stay here just visited to check things out. I had called the reservations number to inquire about site sizes and whether I could get a 37-foot 5th wheel in. I had heard from others that it was pretty tight getting anything over 30 feet down some of the roads. The person answering the phone couldn't tell me anything because he was at Maxwell AFB. I called the site phone number he gave me for 3 days and didn't get an answer. I didn't want to go there without knowing if I could get in so we got a site at the nearby Wind Creek State Park (also on Lake Martin) and drove over to recreation area. The place was unacceptable. It looked trashy with many units looking as though they had been there forever. There were no one around to talk to including front gate. There was a large motor home trapped on of the roads trying to turn around and having a tough time. I didn't stop to offer help because several people were already trying to advise him how to get out. For all I know, he may be still there. I don't know how he was going to get out of that situation. We don't plan to go back there ever with or without 5th wheel.
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