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Alabama 88032
12 thru 31 August 2012
(Updated: August 15, 2012)
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As I read the previous reviews, I would liked to have known the orientation of the RV spots to keep the afternoon sun out of the windshield in the motor home. We were assigned a great spot that points a bit right of north - about 030 degrees. As such we only get the morning sun in the windshield at an oblique angle and we are able to enjoy complete shade from the coach in the afternoon. Sites 1-6, 14-21 and 29-34 similarly point NNE. The remaining spots point NW so if yours is a motor home, you will have the afternoon sun in the windshield. The folks at the MWR are most hospitable. When I made my reservation they told me there would be no need to go to the MWR office as they would place our name and receipt in the locator box at the site - we could proceed directly to our assigned site. The previous reviews remain current. A nice campground with lots of interesting things to see and do in this beautiful area.
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