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18 October 2012 to 21 October 2012
(Updated: October 23, 2012)
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We stayed here for 3 days Thu. thru Sunday. We came in the Maxwell Gate which was an easy go to the CG. Go to the end of Maxwell keeping to the left as you go. At the end or T junction turn left and follow Kelley St. passing the BX and Commissary which will be on your left as you travel. Nearly at the end of this street and just before the gate you’ll make a right and follow the road as described on the web site. The park is nice as described. We stayed in the newer area. Wi-Fi was great. The water pressure was high with a warning on the window at the office. The office, we couldn’t catch open which was a negative. The attendant was gone a lot. The laundry’s need serious attention. One of the machines we use, new area, would only fill about a third of the way. We put a sign on it. The trash in the lower laundry area was over flowing when we got there and was worse when we left. Venting seemed to be a problem in both laundries. Cleaning behind the machines hasn’t happened in quite some time. Other than that we had a pleasant stay.
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