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14-17 Jul 2016
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I really like being able to call for a reservation. IMO it is MUCH better than being told to just show up and hope for a vacancy. Yes, there appears to be a LOT of long term residents. But, if you get a site, why does it matter? The park is not junkie looking. Sites 31-64 seem to be very long. I had site 60 and it was easily 75 feet long, maybe more. If you are assigned between site 7-30, I hope you have a coach that is not very tall. The trees near the end of those rows need serious trimming. A tall coach could easily get significant roof damage. If you are assigned to site 31-64, you might want to enter the park via the first entry road (right between the softball field and the rv park), then take the second driveway and loop around to pull into your site. Go to the office after you get set up. Besides, there is nowhere to park at the office to register. The entrance to the dog park is on the far side of the field. No wonder it gets so little use. The directions at the top to get to the base/park are accurate. I looked it up on Google maps, too. Helped make sense out of the first 3 left turns. March Rd, the one that goes around the end of the runway, is rough. The 35 mph speed limit is optimistic. Water pressure was good. Antenna pulled in a good selection of channels. Satellite reception is probably good, too. The lake area looked clean. The lack of geese is a big plus. Exiting the base was simply backtracking the entry route. If I had left during the Kelley Gate operating hours, it would have been much easier. Forget about entering via Kelley unless you can find a place to turn around after entering the base, such as the BX parking lot.
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