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30 Jul - 1 Aug, 2007
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On July 30 and August 1 we stayed at Birch Lake FAMCAMP. The camp is in a beautiful location and has lovely facilities. However daily management of this camp is lacking and not up to FAMCAMP standards we have encountered throughout the US. The staff and camp management seemed uninterested in serving customers. Every time we asked something there were no answers from the staff. Even the manager had no answers. All seemed more interested in playing games and music than helping customers. These were the defects: 1. Bathrooms are not swept at all. The mats were soiled and had a lot of dirt underneath, to say nothing of the mold growing. 2. The walls were filthy with shampoo and dirt. 2. Doors to bathrooms not only have kick-marks on the inside and outside but the locks on 4 of the baths were either missing or inoperable. 3. Two of the bathrooms had so much water on the floor that you could not get to the toilet without wading through the water. 4. Our site had at least 100 cigarette butts. There was no attempt to clean campsites on departure of guests. 5. When walking around the camp we noticed lots of minor repairs that could be done with a screwdriver, for example screen doors and knobs. For the days we were there nothing was done about these conditions. The only action was toilet paper delivered daily, but that is it for the cleaning effort. FAMCAMPs are a morale builder for returning troops and families. It is sad that beautiful camps such as Birch and Bear Lake camps are not managed to provide normal high standards of camp cleanliness.
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