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Arizona 90641
January 4, 2012
(Updated: January 04, 2012)
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The park is full and there are five of us dry camping at the moment. For us that's okay. We prefer to be out by ourselves. The wifi works from our RV, the three washers and three dryers are FREE and have been empty both times I've used them. The lobby in the lodge is open 24/7 with a TV for those of you without a satellite. We are unable to get any channels with our antenna so the TV with cable attached is allowing my husband to feed his football addiction. Gila Bend is small but has everything I need. There are two dollar stores, a grocery store, a hardware store, a Mexican, Italian, and American restaurant and a Dairy Queen and McDonalds, gas stations, etc. The town is five miles from the Fam Camp. Most of the people here come year after year and stay all winter. They tend to be friendly and look out for each other, with a couple of them being busy bodies. The park is an open desert field with hook-ups. It's quiet. And it is definitely cheap. We were the next ones to pull in after all the FHU sites were filled. We got the only site with electric only. We fill our fresh water tank from our neighbor's water and dump once a week at the dump station around the corner. Even though we have electric we only pay $3.00 per night. There is an abundance of coyotes. We had heard that in other parts of Arizona, but had never seen one. We have seen them many times here. They stay away during the day but come back every day as the sun hits the horizon. We keep our small dog on a short leash after dusk and make sure all three cats are in our rig as soon as the sun sets. F-16's fly over every day either doing touch and go's or practice approaches. The run way is right behind the Fam Camp and it is interesting to watch them. At least for me. Hubby has been there done that having retired from the USAF. At $7.00 a night, the place can't be beat.
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