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Site #11
Arizona 90641
Oct 6, 2012
(Updated: October 08, 2012)
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$7 per night for retirees with FHU. (pay at lodging office, box with envelopes if closed). Now there is an explanation of what FHU means here. Some pedestals are 50/30 amp, and some are 30 amp. Also boon docking sites if FHU are full (@ $3 per night). The water with pressure is either non potable, or very heavy in minerals with some arsenic. For pressurized water either use a key to turn water on (in laundry room), or use a 3/8 inch wrench/socket. Older people and children should not drink the pressurized water. However, each FHU site also has it's own dedicated reverse osmosis station for low pressure safe drinking water - just fill some jugs. Since we only came in for one night while passing through we just used our on board water tank and did not hook up to the pressurized water. No Active Duty on this base - all contractor operated to support the Barry Goldwater range nearby. This is a great place for a overnight or couple of nights, and some folks winter here due the to warm climate and low price. If you plan an extended stay just bring some water jugs to fill at your own individual reverse osmosis station. Free laundry - 3 washers, 3 dryers.
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