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Arizona 146466
October 1-5, 2013
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Okay, here's my Clint Eastwood review for Ft Tuthill: The Good: We tent camp and Ft Tuthill has many good tent camping sites. There are port-a-potties near each site, and there is a bathhouse within walking distance, as well. They have Yurts that have wood stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves in them. For those not in the know, a Yurt, is a big tent on steroids. It is a round structure that sleeps four in bunks and probably 4-6 more in sleeping bags on the floor. I think they are a best buy in the off-season ($25/night). They also have a first-rate lodge/hotel facility that has a huge warm lobby with a nice fireplace, an upstairs portion with TV and pool table, a camp store, and a computer room replete with wifi and a couple of computers with printing capabilities. There is also a recreational area in back of the lobby, and rest rooms just off to the side of the lobby. The staff here are great and seem to go out of their way to be helpful. The Bad: This is where I hate how they tie in the cleanliness and hospitality marks, because the hospitality is great, the cleanliness is hit and miss, at least in the bathhouse. The showers in the men's room have loads of hot water, but one of them is broken, and the toilets don't seem to flush right. Even when you hold down the handle, like it tells you to, a couple of the toilets still flooded and got stuck on me. Fortunately, there was a plunger nearby. Also, the Laundry facilities are antiquated, with one of the four washers broken and two of the four dryers broken. Even the washers and dryers that did work squealed, rocked, rolled, and shook like a California earthquake. The laundry facility was clean, though; I'll give them that. I would also consider getting rid of the 1980's video games upstairs above the lobby and put in a couple of video game/X-Box consoles like the USO does. It IS 2013, after all; not 1983. The Ugly: This is the part I hate, because it pits pet owners against non-pet owners and both are fiercely loyal to their beliefs. BUT, here it goes....there is a big problem with pet owners letting their animals (dogs, mostly) run free in the campground, bark incessantly, and not clean up after they do their doody. Pet owners REALLY need to pick up after their pets and respect those who are NOT pet lovers and don't appreciate stepping in dog poop; especially, in places where there shouldn't be any dog poop. Maybe they could adopt a policy like Travis AFB Fam Camp employs and segregate pet owner sites and non-pet owner sites, to keep them in separate areas of the park. The other alternative would be to ban pets altogether, which a LOT of parks are now starting to do! Overall: A good experience, with issues that need to be addressed. Tent camping is still a great value at $9/night, but the facilities need a good going over and the pet issues need to be resolved. The staff is absolutely wonderful, cheerful and happy, and the main lobby is outstanding.
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February 06, 2014
Great information with one exception, I am a pet owner , and I have never allowed my pets to run wild and free in a campground. I also agree that any person should pick up after their pets. My experiences have been that Pooper bags are placed around all of the grounds that I have visited and for the most part the guest follow the rules. (Not saying there are not violations at all). The comments above sounds like someone that just don't care for pets regardless, because I just don't believe that it really as big an issue as stated.
February 08, 2014
In reply to an earlier comment

Its the same premise as it would be for a non-smoker to be able to sniff out cigarette smoke and notice cigarette butts all over the ground. If you see it, smell it, and step in it, then you are apt to take notice of it. I did step in a pile of dog poop and then I started really taking notice of it. The comments I made were not directed at you, nor any one person in particular. They were just comments about what I actually observed during my stay. Please do not presume something about a person by reading into their comments. From your comments I could surmise that you don't like people who aren't pet-lovers. But, that would be presumptuous and disingenuous now, wouldn't it?
2 results - showing 1 - 2