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Arizona 146466
June 2014
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It may be of value for others to know that RVers are pretty uncomfortable at Fort Tuthill, and it is not because of the camp hosts. On the contrary, without Paul and Jean I would not have been able to pull my 28' Winnebago into the unlevel site on a very odd angle and jammed between other RVs. I even had to have help getting out (for the first time since I began full-timing it 1 year ago), which I did earlier than planned because I couldn't take all the (probably 15+ total) dogs and their irresponsible owners. I felt particularly bad for the couple in their tent, which was set between the yurts and the RV sites. Imagine how noisy it was for them (one guy decided that playing bagpipe tunes on his recorder was a good idea)! OY! Really??? The Flagstaff area is just 3 miles to the northeast of Fort Tuthill with easy access via a frontage road that parallels I-17, and is also a great area to tour, particularly the Lowell Observatory night program, the historical museums, and a visit to Sedona are worth your time. Flagstaff has a bunch of fun thrift stores, antique shops, a Walmart and, just 8 miles west on I40 (aka Route 66), a Camping World. The Grand Canyon is a day-long outing to the south rim, and FT is a fine place to park your stuff in the meantime. But...for RVers, Tuthill is far from ideal. Theoretically, you can squeeze a Class A rig in there...but at your peril because of the angles and tree branches. And you can certainly pull in a Class B, C or towable of any length, but beware: it's crowded, noisy, unlevel, dug out of silty dirt that gets onto everything you own, and chock full of dogs. To top it off, there is no black water hook up. The good news? It's really fun for kids....and doggies.
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