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Davis Monthan FamCamp
Arizona 165996
January 19 - 26, 2018
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We have stayed here on numerous occasions both winter and summer and have always come away satisfied. Current prices for retirees are $22.00 for a FHU site and $11.00 for overflow. We are a 45 foot motorhome and can fit in all the newer sites and most of the older ones. Typically the park gets full mid to late January, but this year, because of hurricane damage in Florida and some parks being closed, the FamCamp got full early. There is a pretty steady rotation so most folks will be in overflow for a week or less. They publish each night a list of the folks in overflow and how many are projected to go into a FHU site the next day. AT 11:00 each morning at the FamCamp office they total up the number of vacancies and call out the names of folks who can move into a FHU site. Sometimes they have unexpected departures so I suggest go to the office for the 11:00 AM call out the day before you expect to move as well as the day of. I initially was told 8 days in overflow, but it turned out they had some unexpected move outs, so it was only 7. Due to some electrical issues, there are a number of older sites that are 30 amp only.
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