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Channel Islands Coast Guard Campground
California 57678
Jan 2008
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Did not stay, but drove by to check it out. Manager is very nice. The camp is co-located with RV storage -- only $35/month if you have the need for short-term storage. I seriously doubt the 30 day limit (then out 7) is being enforced, since it appeared some of the same RV's were parked in the same slot as in the picture that was taken nearly a year ago. Suspect many of these folks are homesteading here. The place was not neat and tidy like we in the military have grown accustomed to. If Port Hueneme or Point Mugu are available, then I would go there and pay the extra few bucks. A lot could be done (with no money) to make this place much nicer than it is. One of which would be to enforce the "out 7" rule which somewhat forces everyone to pickup their stuff at least once a month. One word of caution... call to make sure you have a spot before entering, since when you turn left off Victoria, you are trapped and will have to backup to turn around. If the camp sites are full, then finding a place to back around could provide a very unpleasant experience.
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