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California 86497
7-9 June 2008
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We stayed here last summer and really liked the location of the camp with respect to the pool, BX, commissary, etc... It is a good place to restock and rest. The camp itself isn't great but functional. They have new showers, laundry and family room. They don't have wireless or a data point but the BX has free internet with a great signal. The host was friendlier last year than this one. While I was gassing up on the way in the wife went to scout out a spot. She was accosted by the host, telling her she couldn't stay unless she had an RV or a tent. I guess she thought my wife was going to camp in the SUV. Anyhow, she told her she had to pay immediately which I think was unnecessary. People around the camp took her lead I guess and weren't very friendly either. I've never had so many waves go unreturned. I finally asked the host if her arm was hurt (I really did) and then she warmed up after that. We would still camp here again because it is the best in the middle of no where.
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