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California 143789
October 6th, 2011
(Updated: October 10, 2011)
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gosh ! seems like no one else wants to rate this park except old cmawest, but he is correct. we are staying here as i write this, it has rained and is like living in a mud hole. why on earth have they not hauled in a simple load of gravel yet ? this park belongs to the state of calif. i know they are in dire straits financially, but darned ! we pay to stay here, and they have piles of gravel beside every road in the state. oh well ! other than that, this is a pretty good place to stay. they warned us coming in that there was a mountain lion prowling the area and to be very careful. there is nothing really here, no exchange, no place to eat but the chow hall, $8.00 for dinner, better deals in morro bay or san luis . gate guards are great. we were warned about a mountain lion spotting in the r.v. park. we saw it the other night, it is not a mountain lion, but a rather large bobcat - totally harmless. silly city slickers !!
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