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California 143788
July 14, 15, 16, & 17 2012
(Updated: July 23, 2012)
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A gate guard (who was too busy playing with his cellular phone outside the gate area to help me) signaled us to go through the barriers and did not open the separate gate for RV's. After I drove my 37 foot long rig (tow vehicle and camper combination) successfully through, coming only within a half inch of a barrier, the other gate guard said "That was impressive!" I won't be doing that again any time soon, but I am proud to know that I haven't lost it yet. Flying on and off aircraft carriers might have been helpful. The new wash house is very nice but was trashed by some of the 20 or so Cabrillo College Graduate Students who were tent camping (19 tents) most of the time I was there. Although they were not noisy nor disruptive, they need to get some "class." I witnessed a couple fellows drying themselves with paper towels in the wash house because they did not have any bath towels. They also were not too careful in putting the used paper towels in the trash. They fouled the floor with their dirty boots worn on an archeological dig. Shower shoes must be an unknown for them. Otherwise, our stay was nice. The sites are very dusty. Saw some deer and a coyote.
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