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California 143787
Sept 15, 2012
(Updated: September 16, 2012)
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this is a really nice place, it has its problems like so many other military parks do. we have sat and watched squatters come and go all week. folks, don't do this ! its hard enough for the bases to maintain nice clean parks for us without losing the money they do when you sneak in, then scamper out early in the morning before getting caught. we watched it happen at lemoore last week. we have began taking licence plate numbers and turning them into the camp office as we leave. the cure of course is to have a camp host. it is beyond me why they don't. most retired guys like me would welcome the free camp spot just to take care of the park. i feel sorry for california. they made seriously bad choices over the past years and have gone "broke" everywhere we went, everywhere we shopped, the prices were twice what we pay back in colorado, we have decided to take the west coast off our vacation list. all that said, CSLO is a very nice place to stay. the new shower houses are first class, a load of gravel would top things off nicely, but its quiet and wildlife abounds. stay away from the base exchange, its the size of a small 7-11, and the prices are, to be fair, outrageous. we needed to leave a few days early. went to the billiting office and told them we were leaving early. they refunded three days withoout us even asaking. great customer service.
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