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California 67061
October 2013
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$17 per night make the campground a good value for us. We got a good campsite. We will likely go there again, but this campground is not one of our favorites. The place is devoid of any leadership in the management area. The guy at the desk made no attempt to be remotely personable which made us wonder. The fact that the hot water and internet were broken the two weeks we were there were symptomatic of deeper issues at the place. The pot holes in front of the new campsites means they don't care. Glad it didn't rain and we only had to content with the water and mud from the nightly watering. The location for us was the main attraction. With friends in Redlands it makes it a convenient stop. The fact that the base is a Reserve Base and has 1/2 of the buildings cordoned off with chain link fences through housing and streets closed off in neighborhoods makes it a little weird. This campground could be a great one, but not with out someone their who cares or a leader or manager who chooses to get involved. We were disappointed in the experience.
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