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California 67061
2 - 11 May 2014
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The most appealing thing about this campground is the price. The daily rate for many military campgrounds in California exceeds $30. A few miles away, at Seal Beach, the daily rate is $30. Camp Pendleton is $38 unless you want a beach front row – that will cost $50. This campground, at $17, remains affordable even though it is near Los Angeles. Upgrades over the years have resulted in concrete patios and RV pads on two rows. The bathhouses are modern and clean. The sewer connection is at the rear of the sites and I had to use about 25’ of sewer hose. The sewer connection is in a bowl-shaped depression so I could not use my elbow screw-in connector. I had to use my rubber doughnut instead. The campground is next to the runways and taxi areas but there was surprisingly little jet noise. Nice commissary and exchange for a reserve base. If the Riverside gate was open, they would almost be within walking distance. Otherwise, it’s 2 miles via the main gate. Large two-level indoor mall, Walmart Supercenter, Sam’s Club, and Costco less than three miles away. About 1/3 of the campers appear to be homesteaders.
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