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California 130244
Oct 15-23, 2014
(Updated: October 22, 2014)
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CSLO is just getting better all the time. The major in charge of the r.v. park is a really nice man to deal with, unfortunately for us, fortunately for him, he will be retiring in 18 months. Here's hoping his replacement is as easy to deal with as he is. While here we discussed the possibility of CSLO renting storage space for R.V.'s hopefully the decision to do that will be forthcoming. If that interests you let the Majors office know. As always this was a really good stay, the park is clean and well kept, the staff is very good to deal with. Camp San Luis Obispo is located on Hwy 1, half way between Morro bay and San Luis Obispo. it is only 35 miles south of the Hearst castle. Morro bay offers fishing trips galore, whale watching, tours, etc. I went out with Virg's fishing, we went out a couple miles and I caught 10 cod and one 20 pound link cod. Really had a good time, and Virg's gives a 50% discount to military and veterans. I had lunch with the major at the base mess hall while I was there, very good food, very reasonable. Also for you that have no R.V, or just want a trip without it, the base has rooms to rent that are unbelievably nice. I mean "really" nice and about 1/2 the price of a room in either town, Debbie, Sarah, or Linda in billeting can arrange it for you. try it, you will really like it. As always, remember that you need DOD identification to access the base. Also, the r.v. park doesn't have wi fi, but that is the price we pay for such a nice place at what is a very reasonable price.
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