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California 87204
March 27, 2015
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We didn’t stay at Edwards this time due to all the RV spots being taken. However, I feel compelled to write a review anyway. If ever a military famcamp has hit the bottom of the sewer, this one is it. First, there are several long-time “residents” staying there. I counted 11 rigs that appeared to have been there for some time and I spoke to a gentleman who said most of them are DOD contractors who are working on Edwards. I can’t verify that but I can say that there is junk laying all around and under several of those RV’s. Secondly, the circle in the center of the park has weeds grown up to at least two feet high. At one time the area was kept neat and clean but not anymore. When we arrived, I looked on the board where you check in and noticed two sites were not paid for, #10 & #20. Site 10 was being taken so we checked site 20. There was a home-made “occupied” sign in that site. Technically, we could have removed the sign and parked there but we didn’t want to get in a big p&^%%ing contest so we just left. Andy, the camp host is not in the park as he works full-time and is not available to during the times he is needed. I feel that Edwards really needs a “hands on” host who is there during hours that RV’er need assistance. and possibly take care of the park. I plan to write a letter to the Wing Commander about the deplorable conditions at the famcamp.
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