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New Hurlburt Field FamCamp
Florida 110741
Nov 23 - Dec 5, 2018
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As noted in previous comments this place is spartan. We stayed in the overflow area and did not go on the list for a regular site since we would only be staying a week or two and the wait for a full hookup site is over two weeks. The full-hookup sites are concrete pads and many of them do not slope so the accumulate significant water when it rains - and please don't squeegee your par in a house coat like one resident does - no one wants to see that. The dump station is not well place, located right on the side of the exit road with no real room to go around. Additional there is no potable water near the dump station and currently the dump station flushing water does not work. The overflow area is small and not marked off. Some field marking paint to arrange parking would make it more organized. The overflow area is directly off of MLK Blvd and there are no bushes or fencing to deflect the road noise. If you are in overflow and need to top off your fresh water, each of the full hookup sites has to spigots. Providing that a site resident hasn't used both spigots - many do - you can top off from one of the extra spigots. I did notice one person removed their RV from the site for a significant period and used there POV as a place holder. 
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