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Florida 226650
November 2016
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Over all good place. Front desk personnel are polite. Efficient. Helpful. Couldn't ask for more. Both of the women on the front check in desk are w o n d e r f u l. Improvements are coming. Be slowly. Only issue we had, and heard from other campers, bringing issues to the manager is like talking to the wall. "Yes sir three bags full." Then the same stuff goes on. She does not care. Time for a change of managers. Seems certain employees, and hosts, think the rules do not apply to them. But you Mr Camper better comply. Dare complain about something will result in manager finding some Mickey Mouse issue with you, your rig, or your site. As pay back. Wrong attitude to have. The MWR staff needs to set the example and follow their own rules. This type of attitude results in people not having faith in management and going over their head(s) to get concerns addressed. This is a sign that something is broken. At least they got rid of the "Y" hooking up on the rear row. Used to put 3 rigs on one box/water connection. Wrong! Also, the bunch of useless so called "workers" of the campground are gone. There used to be about 10 or so of them hanging out there. Not paying rent. Having dumb minor jobs. One woman, young girl, friend of friend of the Director, was not doing anything but free loading here. Darn good location! Right on water. Watch ships coming and going. Dont waste your time talking with the manager. Go to director of MWR personally and/or base CO's office. Once enough complaints are fielded to higher ups possibly improvements will be made. 
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December 08, 2018
So, so true.
The manager there needs to move on.
We have spoken to her a few times. Get the deer looking into head lights look from her.
She will do nothing.
So dont waste your time talking with her.
The woman on the desk are great. They do a good job.

Host named Richard is one rude guy!
He will do what he wants. Without asking he comes into the Rec room and changes the channel on the TV. Without even asking the people sitting in there watching TV. Nasty attitude. He will turn the lights off when you are in there working on something at one of the tables.

Be careful dealing with the host and manager. They will surely find a way to nail you on some dumb thing with the objective to kick you out.

Again, cannot over state the excellent job the women do on the front desk.

They are opening a office at Osprey now. So those wanting to stay at Osprey do not have to come over to the old offie now. Smart move this was.

Host at Osprey (the Black lady) walks on water. She is wonderful. Too bad there are not more of her type.

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