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New Hurlburt Field FamCamp
Florida 110774
October 24th 2010 through Jan 2012
(Updated: January 23, 2012)
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My Family and I have been here for several months. I have read over and over the comments posted below mine and just keeping coming back to a few words that just won't leave my mind--IF BIG IF--if Divisional Management cared. Yes, this is very true. I have bent over backwards trying to work with the Manager who hangs out most days and all day at the Marina (I have never never never seen him ride though this place, though FORCE vehicle do pass through leaving from hanging out by the water) and have even worked on an occasion or two with the Chief over ALL MWR Divisions on this base, but even my best efforts and patience have been to NO avail. I have concluded that all Registration is interested in at the Marina is your MONEY. There are 50 amp sites over here that have been broken since way way into last year and they are not even marked as so---thus an unexpected guess pulls in, gets all set up, just to learn that his 50 amp electric is broken. Site 24 is a perfect example of what I have talking about, as I help an older couple deal with their disgust as to what had happened to them. I repeatedly have asked management to come over, give ALL the sites a serious trimming of vegetation overgrowth, pick up ALL the trimmings that guests (and maybe just maybe Management) have cut themselves so they could get into the site without damaging their RV and yet the problem still exists. OH YES, Management will tell you they came over one day, did some trimming and picked up a little, but they DID NOT CARE about the quality of the job they did as they hit here, missed everywhere else and left. It was obvious that who came over that one day was clueless as to what needed and should be done. Year old trash is right where they and others have piled it and some sites still have branches hanging to the edge and over the pissy little pads they have put down. OH, and BTW, I don't thinking they would have come over and did what they did if the ICE reporting system hadn't contacted them. In summary, this Family Campground could be the show case for the Florida Gulf Coast if true, sincere and real caring existed. What a shame for things to be the way they are around here---give me your MONEY---and don't bug me about the conditions and lack of care and up keep on the place!!! Amenities at the Park are non-existent and the Bath House and Laundry--well that is a story within itself. It took me personally, calling all levels of management to get the security lights in the park operating (over 50% were out) and now the winds and tree branches are tearing them up again, but no one can see that, because they don't do a weekly inspection of any meaning on the place. I personally have tried to get something done and maybe just maybe if enough of those out there that read this and have been here speak up, rock the boat and get some Management changes made, we might just get somewhere, but for now it is business as usual.
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September 25, 2012
ICE reports do work; everyone should use it and things would improve. I've actually seen overnight response to ICE reports I've made about the Annapolis NAS FamCamp.

If you are unfamiliar with ICE, please visit the website and make individual reports:
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