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New Hurlburt Field FamCamp
Florida 110835
Oct 2010 until 29 Jan 2010
(Updated: January 25, 2012)
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Contrary to what has been reported or you may have heard, Hulburt FAMCAMP off US 98 is OPEN for business. Occupancy today is at around 80%.
The Campground does suffer significantly from a "we have been told we are closing, we don't when and we aren't doing anything to keep the campground up except that which we are forced to do". Really really hard to get Management to take a real positive caring attitude and get things done daily that show a positive improvement. The drive just there anymore since they were told months and months ago that they would have close the Campground for Privatized Housing. From what I am being told, Privatized Housing Contractor and Air Force have hit some major snags between them. It would not surprise me to learn someday that a little lizard that is environmentally important to Florida Environmentalists saves this Camp Ground. Imagine the possibilities of a coal skink, native to only the Western most Counties of Florida, and its power base when mankind wants to start messing with him. Look what his Cousins did several years ago down in middle central Florida---they stated out building a muti-billion dollar Cross Florida Barge canal from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean and now all they have today is a ditch of ocean water that extends mile inland but serves no commerce purpose at all and never will. Way to go Snail Darter!!!!! May you too Mr Coal Skink, have the same good fortunes and keep your home. Only time will tell what happens to this fabulous FAMCAMP that has so so much to offer today and tomorrow, if maintained and left alone for other projects. Government homes with a water front view, who needs them until after one retires and NO longer lives on Government Property.
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