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Nov. 1, 2011 - April 1, 2012
(Updated: April 04, 2012)
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Stayed here from Nov. 1 to April 1. This is the policy for winter stays. CG has everything you need, full pad, 50 amp, sewer, paved roads and street lights. Cable would be a nice addition since most sites you can not get satellite because of the trees. The grounds need help. did not see anyone doing anything on the grounds during my stay. The trees need trimming your rig will hit small branches as you travel threw the CG. the leaves need to be racked, grass cut and fire rings cleaned and repaired. I asked the office if they ever racked or cut grass and the excuse was that several years ago they where weed eating and a small rock hit a RV and the person tryed to have his rig repainted because of it. I don't buy that excuse because every CG we have visited they post when they are going to cut the grass and state they are not liable. Which is good enough for me. I asked about the fire rings being cleaned out and was told it was my responsibility. (I cleaned and repaired mine). The camp Host is tucked way in the back of the CG and i was not sure who they were. They have started construction on 40 more sites and the manager of OAK GROVE is also Blue Angles manager. I expect to see some great changes and improvements as he has at Oak Grove. Reservations and maybe some personnel changes. This review is for the Battleship side of the CG. Anchor Cove side is a mess. would not stay on that side. Camp Host over there has a porta potty and window AC units that should say it all. Some tree trimming and gravel would make it a good weekend / short stay / over flow CG.
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