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New Hurlburt Field FamCamp
Florida 110835
September 1, 2013
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Sorry about the complaint, but how on earth in this day can they build a beautiful new campground from scratch and not include WIFI and CATV?
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October 07, 2013
I agree dongordon....maybe in the future they will extend the wifi to the entire site. Also, as to the catv...thank goodness for DISH Satellite.
April 05, 2014
In reply to the "...not include WIFI and CATV". This entire project of moving the Famcamp from 'soundside' location next to the Santa Rosa Sound to where it is now is a result of $$money$$. The contractor that is building SRNCO quarters on the former FamCamp location insisted on having the already in-place infrastructure....meaning...the water, sewer and electrical capability. The reason there are fewer RV sites is , again, $$money$$. IMHO, the individuals responsible for making the decisions on this project were very short sighted. The FamCamp and the paintball field are Hurlburt's cash cows. The money made by these two facilities pays for a great many of Hurlburt's other MWR facilities and activities. I can't comment on the status of the SRNCO housing project, but I can say nothing has been done with the land yet. There's major construction occurring on US 98/FL 30 in front of the main gate to build an overpass for the base. Cody Ave will go under the highway and on/off ramps will allow access to/from the main gate without a traffic light. The hopes are that this will smooth traffic flow and reduce accidents. Last year there was an accident that resulted in the deaths of 2 individuals waiting at a red light outside the gate. BTW, does anyone know if they've replaced the washers and dryers or do they still have the same nasty old machines they installed from the old FamCamp? Haven't been over to check out the facilities in several months.
2 results - showing 1 - 2