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Georgia 137778
14-16 MAY 2008
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We found the post AND the campground quite difficult to find but with several calls to the RV office staff, we managed to finally find it. They were patient with us. There were deer everywhere and alot of them so tame they were laying down on the grass. We enjoyed watching them from our window when we had coffee in the mornings. Three laundry rooms, one for each area and we were near the largest one. There was actually a pool in the middle of the RV park which looked really nice. It was open the day we got there but not afterwards (it was sprinkling on and off which is probably why). Wish we would have been able to utilize it. There were no hours posted and it was padlocked. You can hear C-130's overhead and we saw paratroopers coming out of one the planes while we were there. My husband attended jump school here in 1967 so he enjoyed a lot of the activity on base including paratroopers jumping from the jump towers. Very nice exchange mall - the 2nd or 3rd largest in the nation. (Ft Campbell is the largest). We were sorry to see that the Museum on post was closed while we were there. We were told that it won't reopen for another year. Very low water pressure which is annoying and very limited Verizon cell coverage, but they have cable TV with lots of stations. Office staff is friendly and many of the workers wave at you as they drive by. Spacious campsites with picnic table, grill AND fire ring. Not too close to other campers, which is nice.
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