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Georgia 137778
2 Nov - 4 Nov 2013
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R.H. left this review using the Directory software: - Since we live only four hours away, Uchee Creek has become our "get away for only a few days at a time" RV Park. We visit several times a year, and always arrive with at least 100 pounds of corn for the deer. We love the place, and all of the comments you read are true. There have been many improvements made over the past few years, and the grounds are immaculate, especially when you consider the sheer size of the place. In fact, it can be quite entertaining on "mowing day" to just sit back and watch the crew mow the entire park in just one day. With all that said, it saddens me to write this review, because there is one issue which needs to be addressed: the bathhouse facilities. They are nothing short of atrocious. Filthy is the better word. Although they are cleaned every day (if you look at the checklist), there have been times during the last year that they were not touched for more than a week at a time. During my most recent stay, two of the three toilets were stopped-up and literally full of...well, use your imagination. They were like that when I arrived, and still untouched three days later when I left. Granted, some of the problems can be attributed to campers, but the fact remains that someone is getting paid to clean the facilities. I have spoken to management about this issue, and am assured that the facilities are inspected by a supervisor every day. So there's one more person getting paid for something they're not doing. Like I said, we love Uchee Creek, and will keep returning, but something needs to be done about this one little problem area.
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