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Maryland 94338
March 30 - April 1, 2006
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This is a very nice campground. They have a large staff that can be very friendly, but most of the time, the counter crew is too busy discussing their personal lives to be bothered by campground guests. I bought propane today and when I took my bill to pay for the propane, the clerk took my invoice, my debit card, printed my check and handed it to me to sign. I took a pen from the can at the counter and signed it and handed it back to her. In the entire transaction, the clerk never said a word to me. Not "Hi" not "Thank you" not "How was your stay?" and definately not "Have a safe trip." During the entire transaction, I was treated to a conversation between two clerks about their friend's personal life. When I arrived, the camp office was closed and the spot that I was told to camp on was occupied by someone else who said he had renewed his reservation. I took an open site only to be told that I needed to move again the next day. Minor inconvenience but could probably have been avoided. Had they had a campground host, I could have been directed to an open site so I would not have had to move. I guess if the campground had been full, my reservation would have been useless to me. Now I did not give bad ratings because this is a very nice campground. This is my 4th stay there and all have been enjoyable. The rates are too high for an MWR campground compared to the majority of military campgrounds. I just wish the folks that work at the campground showed more interest in their patrons. This could be an absolutely GREAT campground.
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