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Massachusetts 86498
21/22 Sep 2018
(Updated: October 11, 2018)
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The park is easy to access off the interstate. It is not on base but just a short distance away. The full hook-up sites are very nice and look like very easy to get into and out of. They were full so I had to stay in a 30 amp W/E only site (19). I was allowed to pick my own site. Had good water and electric and was able to pull in stations using my antenna. We used and were favorably impressed with the laundry facility. As others stated the centrally used fire pit is nice and you will meet some excellent folks there. Although my site was easy access, in my opinion most of these W/E sites can be difficult to maneuver into because of trees. Other campers advised me there are a lot of trees dropping acorns onto their RV, but only a few dropped on mine in the site I picked. When I arrived I was advised I could check daily to see if anyone was vacating a full-hook up site and I would be number one on the wait list. I was told that there were three of these sites that were scheduled to be vacated the next day but the occupants had until 1130 to let the office know if they wanted to stay and she was expecting at least two of them to extend their stay. Apparently, they are staying there for the season and the manager lets them renew on their last day to stay longer even though the receipt I was given states if there is a waiting list they have to move to another site (common requirement). All three decided to stay. My biggest concern was the central dump site. First, it's location will not allow you to dump as you leave the park because it's on the left side of the road as you to pull into the park. You have to pull back in front of the office through the entrance. Instead of having a "clean-out" pipe sticking up it is a large opening (larger than a toilet bowl) that you stick your hose in to dump and the waste was close to the top and almost full. It has a thin medal lid covering it that is supposed to be bolted down but the bolts are missing. Thus, you slide it out of the way to dump and then slide it back. This setup is very dangerous and a child/pet/adult could fall into the hole. There were some empty sites and dump pipes around the area that could be used but one of the ladies that works in the office was adamant I didn't use those but use the central dump. Don't know why. Again, overall this park is a good place to stay overnight and longer if you can get one of the full hook-up sites or easy access W/E only sites. The base has an excellent commissary and BX as well as other amenities that are impressive. The nearby town of Lexington has a lot of history and really nice shops/restaurants along main street. Diesel fuel in Lexington is way cheaper than nearer the base. Notified wing safety of sewer issue. They advised me later that they visited the site and DR created a work order to fix the dump site to meet required specs for a dumpsite. Future users should hopefully see an improvement soon.
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