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October 2012
(Updated: October 04, 2012)
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My husband and I are both military combat veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq, both over %50 service connected VA and my husband is Retired-branch does not matter. First, we parked to go into the office to register and came out to find her looking into the windows of our MotorHomes. My seven year old was scared half to death. Our RVs are our HOMES-this isn't just a little camping trip-WE LIVE IN THEM! Then she asked very rudely to our none military friend, who we were sponsoring, why we didn't have military stickers on our vehicles. One, not all branches/bases give them, two, if your retired and not near a base or do not work on one, you don't get one, three, its NONE of her DAMN business-she isn't MILITARY POLICE. My husband and I have military IDs (and VA service connected IDs for that matter) which we showed when we checked in at the office AND showed the MPs at the check point when we went to the COMMISSARY! Then, we filled out the paperwork to register, it never asked for specific animals, etc it just said pets, I put the number down and the man working in the office didn't ask about anything else, we paid and left. We ended up having to to fix the registration paperwork when we walking to the office to do so, the manager rudely said to the man working, "make sure you find out about those dogs". The ones that she clearly saw when she was peeping in the windows of our homes! Our dogs HAVE ALL REQUIRED SHOTS and WE LISTED PETS-THEY NEVER ASKED FOR ANYTHING MORE!!! WE EVEN HAVE SHOTS FOR OUR CATS-we travel with 3 if the manager is curious!!! We have been traveling across this country staying at Fam Camps on Posts and Bases since August, each base security is different as is each Fam Camp and rules. One thing is for sure, we have NEVER had anyone be RUDE like this women! I'm not a PVT and she isn't a SGT MAJ so I expect to be treated like that!! In FACT, I am willing to bet that women never spent a day as a soldier or airman-its THAT obvious! Today we did laundry and the dryer was occupied so we were waiting-another camper was told by the office to take our laundry out of the washer-really? They have that authority too? This place is ridiculous! I found out that they tried to harass the campers next to us until they found out his rank used to be O6...then they apologized-so now it's rank?! I'll never camp here again!
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May 13, 2013
As far as military decals, it truly is there business. The park is government property, and they are protecting YOU and your benefit. There is no excuse for being rude, I will give you that.
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