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(Updated: July 05, 2013)
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!WARNING! IF YOU ARE YOUNG AND/OR ACTIVE DUTY STEER CLEAR OF THIS DECREPIT RETIREMENT FACILITY In the past year living at this camp my wife and I (and the 3 other full time active duty) have experienced nothing short of intense discrimination and rudeness without reproach from counselors ***** and *****. Despite remaining polite, we have all been badgered on a continual basis for 'gaming the system' by saving our BAH while residing in our 5th wheels. While nothing could be further from the truth, the counselors here have made every effort to exclude active duty personnel from using the camp facilities. Whether it is attempting to force us to rotate our trailers around so their retiree full timer friends can have the 'prime' spots, creating new rules on a consistent basis targeted at forcing us out of the camp, or creating a hostile atmosphere with neighbors who "complain" about you all day while you are at work, this has the be the poorest run military camp in the nation. My tipping point came it was noted that one of the retirees who has stayed here the longest, and with strong ties to the counselors messing with my wife. On several occasions this retiree would wait until I leave for work in the morning and then come park his truck with tinted windows behind our camper in the woods to observe my wife sunbathing in her suit. Although I reported this after 3 instances to the counselors (and their superior who is also a civilian), nothing was done. The issue was not even addressed with the retiree and no follow up was completed. There are many other examples that I could provide; however, my best word of advice is to stay away if you are an active duty troop with an RV. Spend the extra $500 to live off base without the headache. *If I could give negative points on this review I would.
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