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Michigan 63375
29 October 2011
(Updated: October 30, 2011)
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my wife and i drove by the check out the site for 2012. we were both not impressed. the park was not well maintained. there doesn't seem to be much up keep to the park. doesn't support newer larger rv's. as stated in the previous review, sewer lines are on the wrong side. sites aren't clearly marked. the restrooms were not maintained. i love nature, but some of the tree need to be cut down. many of them block slide outs from opening fully. the ground is very uneven. in comparing this park to the one at camp perry, there is no comparison. camp perry lots are paved and level. up keep is on a constant basis. the office isn't maintained by the officers club. i don't know how the money aspect of camp perry is, but they seem to care about their rv park more than grayling. grayling needs major work. the officers club house that manages the rv park looks like a palace. i can see where the money goes. it's apparent that no officers stay there. i can safely say that we won't be staying there. which is a shame, because the location is excellent. the lake is a short walk away. this really could/can be a excellent site that could have a mile long waiting list to get on if someone would just fix it up. we are going to be working on the post next year, and had planned on bringing our 5th wheel. it would be to much of a headache to try to maneuver into.
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